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Mini Guacamole Bowls Latest recipes

Mini Guacamole Bowls

Yield12 bowls (3 bowls per serving)Time for football? We’ve got your post-dinner snack that your team can’t pass up. Assemble some easy Mini Guacamole Bowls to snack you through the late afternoon. Avocado and crunchy blue corn chips are sure to satisfy the game time cravings.Ingredients3/4 cup mashed avocado2 teaspoons lime juice1/2 teaspoon citric acid powder*1 tablespoon chopped cilantro, plus more for garnish1/2 cup chopped roma tomatoes1/2 teaspoon taco spice blend12 Garden of Eatin’ Blue Corn Tortilla Chip BowlsNutritional InformationCalories 79Fat 5.

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Lemon-Mint Sugar Latest recipes

Lemon-Mint Sugar

Yield12 (serving size: about 1 teaspoon)The flavors of these sugars are concentrated, so you only need to use a little to pack quite a punch. They& 39;re great for rimming cocktail glasses (think of this as a way to fun-up mocktails at a baby shower, too), sprinkling over oatmeal or yogurt, or decorating cookies and quick breads.

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Refined Sugar-Free Buckeyes Latest recipes

Refined Sugar-Free Buckeyes

Photo: Hannah Burkhalter; Prop Styling: Hannah BurkhalterYieldabout 16, 3/4& 34; ballsBuckeyes are a classic holiday dessert. Chocolate and peanut butter are a can& 39;t-be-beat combo, but most recipes for this confection are loaded with confectioners& 39; sugar. We gave this sweet treat a sugar-free makeover by using dates instead of sugar and cream cheese instead of butter to keep the luscious texture and delightful flavor you have come to expect from a classic Buckeye candy.

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Chickpea Cookie Dough Latest recipes

Chickpea Cookie Dough

Who doesn& 39;t love scraping cookie dough out of the bowl? Dairy-free, egg-free, and no-bake, this recipe can be enjoyed straight from the mixing bowl or frozen into cookie dough balls or bars. Even better, using blended chickpeas mixed with almond butter and sweetened with honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and dark chocolate chips keeps calories, fat, sodium, and sugar low while boosting protein and fiber.

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Homemade Chai Tea Mix Latest recipes

Homemade Chai Tea Mix

Photo Courtesy of Oxmoor HouseGive an instant boost to a cup of hot black tea on a gray day with this easy mix. Make more for holiday gifts and package in Mason jars, or spoon some into a clear cello bag and stuff into an oversized mug.You can use this recipe as a base to play around with spices to find other combinations you enjoy.

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Mushroom-Herb Chicken Latest recipes

Mushroom-Herb Chicken

Yield4 servings (serving size: 1 chicken breast half and 1/3 cup mushroom sauce)Flavorful herbs and spices, red wine vinegar, shallots, and mushrooms give these plain chicken breasts rich flavor. A veggie side completes this paleo meal. If you don& 39;t care to use the red wine vinegar, you can use 1/3 cup of chicken broth.

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Apple-Cinnamon Sugar Latest recipes

Apple-Cinnamon Sugar

The flavors of these sugars are concentrated, so you only need to use a little to pack quite a punch. They& 39;re great for rimming cocktail glasses (think of this as a way to fun-up mocktails at a baby shower, too), sprinkling over oatmeal or yogurt, or decorating cookies and quick breads. Check out the how-to video to see how they’re made.

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Spinach and Feta Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust Latest recipes

Spinach and Feta Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust

HomeRecipesSpinach and Feta Quiche with Sweet Potato CrustTotal Time1 Hour 10 MinsYieldServes 4 (serving size: 2 wedges)The simple, scalloped shell made from thinly sliced rounds of sweet potatoes make this version of a popular brunch (or supper) dish gluten-free. Choose potatoes with comparable diameters to create uniform slices for the easy-to-make crust.

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Cinnamon Apple Dutch Baby Latest recipes

Cinnamon Apple Dutch Baby

How to Make ItStep 1Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Heat a cast iron skillet over medium heat. Melt butter and add apples, cinnamon and 1 tablespoon sugar. Cook apples for 5 minutes,or until soft.Step 2While apples are cooking, whisk together vanilla, eggs and milk. Add flour and 1 tablespoon sugar and beat batter until smooth.

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Gingerbread Granola Latest recipes

Gingerbread Granola

When the temps are cool outside and the fire is roaring inside, cozy up with a bowl of yogurt topped with this gingerbread granola. Spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger add warm notes of holiday flavor. Walnuts and almonds add crunch, but you can use your favorite nut combo if you prefer something else.

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Pumpkin Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili Latest recipes

Pumpkin Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

The ultimate vegetarian chili powered by fall flavors. Sweet potato, black beans, and plenty of aromatics simmer in a velvety, pumpkin-infused tomato broth that is ultra rich and comforting. A pinch of cinnamon and dash of chipotle chili powder add a robust flavor profile that will warm you up from the inside out.

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Pineapple Kombucha Latest recipes

Pineapple Kombucha

Pineapple adds a delicate hint of tropical sweetness to homemade kombucha. Making your own kombucha is a great way to save money and have a little creative culinary fund. Once you start brewing your own kombucha, offer your SCOBYs to friends and help them start their own kombucha brewery. Feel free to use this recipe as a canvas for trying other juices, too.

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Challah French Toast with Honey Apple Ginger Compote Latest recipes

Challah French Toast with Honey Apple Ginger Compote

Challah, a traditional braided Jewish bread that is served on the holidays, is just as good when it& 39;s a day old for a slice of hearty French toast. Paired with a honey-apple compote, this sweet breakfast treat is the perfect meal to wake up to on a lazy morning in bed. If you& 39;re up for it, make your own challah, or head to your local bakery for a fresh loaf.

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Homemade SCOBY Latest recipes

Homemade SCOBY

SCOBY is an acronym that stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. It& 39;s the & 34;mother& 34; that you use for every batch of kombucha you make, and it looks like a round, flat, opaque-beige piece of agar agar (like what was in those Petri dishes in chemistry class). You can order a SCOBY, or you can make your own.

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Inside-Out Pancakes Latest recipes

Inside-Out Pancakes

Here’s a great way to make pancakes perfectly portable: Turn them inside out! In this easy twist, we stuff pancake batter with brown sugar mixed with toasted nuts and cinnamon; as the pancakes cook, the sugar melts to a yummy molten syrup. You can work with any pancake batter you like: To keep things super quick, you can reach for a whole-wheat pancake mix (we like the Whole Foods 365 whole-wheat mix).

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Not Quite Deviled Eggs Latest recipes

Not Quite Deviled Eggs

Perfect as a snack or breakfast, these peppery and smoky eggs hit the spot. Skip the scooping and mashing step of traditional deviled eggs, and simply spread the flavorful mayo mix on both sides of the boiled eggs.

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Easy Holiday Mini Cranberry Tarts Latest recipes

Easy Holiday Mini Cranberry Tarts

Cranberry sauce isn& 39;t just for savory meals. An indulgent base of crème fraîche and Greek yogurt balance out the tart fruity topping.Ingredients1 8-ounce container crème fraîche1/2 cup low fat greek yogurt1 tablespoon honey1/2 teaspoon nutmeg6 pre-baked mini tart shells, or frozen shells baked to package directions3/4 cup prepared cranberry sauceRosemary sprig, for garnishOrange peel, for garnishHow to Make ItStep 1Mix together creme fraiche, greek yogurt, honey and nutmeg.

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Citrus Pudding with Tequila Jelly Latest recipes

Citrus Pudding with Tequila Jelly

Wow your dinner party guests with grown-up parfaits that feature rich, silky pudding topped with a decadent boozy layer. Check out the video to see how to make them. For this version, make our Citrus Pudding, omitting whipped cream.IngredientsCitrus Pudding (see note above)2 teaspoons unflavored gelatin2 tablespoons fresh lime juice1/2 cup water1/3 cup tequila2 tablespoons sugarNutritional InformationCalories 198Fat 1.

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Matcha-White Chocolate Bark Latest recipes

Matcha-White Chocolate Bark

Gorgeous, incredibly easy to make, and with an I-can-put-my-finger-on-that-flavor yumminess—we love everything about this fruity chocolate bark. The earthy taste of the matcha enhances the flavor of the tart cherries, but the real key to deliciousness is that flake salt on top. If you don’t have flake salt (though we’d love for you to go get some), you can sub a crunchy sea salt.

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