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Chicken liver

Chicken liver

Washed and cleaned peppers and hearts, boil them in cold water with a little salt and let them boil until they soften well (about 30 minutes).

From time to time we take a foam palette that forms on top.

Meanwhile, heat the façade over low heat in the 6 tablespoons of oil, until lightly browned.

Remove the livers in a bowl and let them cool.

Put the finely chopped dried onion in the same oil and let it soften well.

Then add the green onions over the dried onions and let them cook together for another 2-3 minutes.

Remove the onion in another bowl and let it cool.

When the pipettes and hearts have boiled, drain them and let them cool.

We give the pipettes, the hearts and the faces through the meat grinder.

In a large bowl put the pipettes and hearts, liver, hardened onions, finely chopped dill and parsley and eggs, season with salt and pepper to taste and mix well.

Pour the composition into a large cake pan lined with baking paper and a little oil.

Level nicely on top and put the tray in the preheated oven until the dough is nicely browned and the egg in the composition has set.

Serve cold with horseradish or mustard.

Good appetite!