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Creamed cod

Creamed cod

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Recipe creamed cod of of 13-03-2018 [Updated on 13-03-2018]

The creamed cod it is a typical dish of Venice, for this reason it is also known by the name of Venetian cod. I tasted this preparation for the first time in Treviso, when I went to visit a friend of mine who took me to taste "the cicchetti", delicious snacks to be enjoyed in the middle of the morning accompanied by a glass of good wine, and I fallen in love. If they hadn't told me that the cream I was enjoying on the polenta crouton was cod cream, I would never have said it! To bring the cod to the table, you must first desalt it, or alternatively buy fish that has already been desalted, then cook it in water, milk, salt and then reduce it to almost cream.


How to make creamed cod

Start the preparation by soaking the stockfish in water for at least 24 hours, changing the water often.
Then cut the cod into pieces and put it in a saucepan with the milk and water. Cook over medium heat and once it reaches a boil, continue cooking for 30 minutes
Now drain the cod, clean it of skin and bones and crumble it in a bowl.
Prepare the garlic in small pieces and chop the parsley.
Add both to the bowl along with salt and pepper.
Blend everything by adding the oil slowly until you get a homogeneous cream.

Your cod is ready, serve it on polenta croutons.

This recipe from baccal & agrave creamed Venetian style it is that of the late Venetian restaurant Vecio Fritolin from Venice. It was highly appreciated by all customers.

6 people

  • 1 whole stockfish for an optimal result, use stockfish from Lofoten, preferably with the Ragno brand "
  • 1Lt of peanut oil
  • 1.7 L water with 300g of whole milk
  • Salt & pepper to taste.

First wash the stockfish for 10 min. under running water to remove impurities.

Once washed, soak it in plenty of cold water and leave it to soak in the refrigerator for about 48 hours, taking care to change the water at least three times.

Once soaked, rinse it and carefully remove the skin and thorns. Chop the pulp into large flakes and cook it in water and lightly salted milk, calculating 20-25 minutes of cooking from the boil (the time varies according to the size of the fish). Drain the pulp in a colander keeping all the cooking liquid aside.

Pass for 4 min. the pulp in a cutter, when it is still hot, adding a drizzle of oil to break the fibers. Transfer the fish paste to a whisk mixer and whisk at medium speed, adding the rest of the oil and about 600ml of the cooking liquid a little at a time, until a creamy, soft and candid mousse is obtained.

Add salt and pepper and transfer to a container. Leave in the refrigerator for at least two hours, until the fats and jellies contained in the mixture begin to solidify and give the cod a frothy consistency. Serve with soft or grilled white polenta or with slices of toast.

Creamed cod - traditional recipe

This year for Christmas I set out to try the famous creamed cod, in mind I had a crouton made with rustic bread, creamed cod, colonnata lard and dates to give a touch of sweetness.
Do you know how it went? that my crouton caused a sensation, I had no doubts: D
Apart from this, before making a traditional recipe so new to me I decided to read as much as possible on the subject.

First I discover that the creamed cod is not made with cod but with stockfish.

Small note for those who do not know the difference between the two:
Both cod and stockfish are obtained from the same fish: cod, but unlike cod, it is not preserved in salt but thanks to drying, the two different preservation methods therefore lead to two totally different tastes and textures even if in both the cases before being able to consume them a more or less long period of soaking is necessary.
Cod in this case because where the recipe was originally born, it is customary to call cod what is actually stockfish.

Doses for 4 people:
8 hg of soaked stockfish *
2 bay leaves
1 2 half a lemon
salt and olive oil to taste
1 cup of milk **

Venetian style creamed cod (brandade vénitienne)

Faire dessaler la morue durant 12 h, en changeant l & # x27eau à 2 ou 3 reprises.

Étape 2

La faire cuire environ 15 min, à frémissements.

Étape 3

Egoutter, laisser refroidir, oter la peau et les arrêtes.

Étape 4

Placer la chair du poisson dans un saladier, travailler avec a spatule en wood en incorporant l & # x27huile d & # x27olive. The consistance doit must crémeuse the quantity d & # x27huile dépend de la qualité du poisson.

Étape 5

Ajouter l & # x27ail pilé et le persil hâché, saler et poivrer.

Étape 6

Cette crème se sert froide, avec des tranches de polenta grillées.

C & # x27est finished! Qu & # x27en avez-vous thought?

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Creamed Codfish: A Savory Spread of Whipped Salt Cod

Cookbook cover image courtesy of Random House

This is one of our family & # 39s cherished holiday dishes, a creamy, garlicky appetizer spread, full of flavor, that we enjoy on everything & # 8212good crusty bread, grilled bread, carckers, crostini, bread sticks, carrot sticks, celery sticks, even spaghetti, gnocchi, risotto.

It is good as an hors d & # 39oeuvre, an appetizer, or a main course, and great for parties. It brings lots of complex flavor to anything that it is spread on.

Baccalà mantecato is important to our family, though, for more than its addictive savor. It is a link to Istria, my native region, where the imminent arrival of Christmas at our house (and everyone else & # 39s) was scented by the unmistakable vapors of dried codfish, cooking for hours and hours. These were not fish from our local waters, but a delicacy from Northern Europe, a fish that was brought in to be bartered and exchanged for olive oil and good Mediterranean wine, carefully selected and dearly bought. But despite the expense, or the time and labor in its preparation, baccalà mantecato was the mark of a good cook in Istria, and many would stop in at a particular house not just for the hoilday greetings but also for a taste of the baccalà.

In our household, my father was the chief cook of baccalà mantecato & # 8212it was his one culinary triumph & # 8212and that makes it all the more special to me. Though he has been gone for many years, his masterful touch with this dish remains with me and inspires me every time I make it now, I remember him, with every bite.

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Creamed cod & # 8211 The recipe photo

Let's clarify it immediately: THIS IN THE PHOTO IS NOT THE ORIGINAL RECIPE. In typically Venetian cod recipes, only stockfish is used. The version that I propose in the picture is a quick variant which, although not Venetian, is quite similar (both in flavor and in texture) to what you would get with original recipe (found at the bottom of the page). The reason why I photographed only the fast variant and not the original is that, where I restock, the dried cod is sold only whole (an excessive quantity for only 2 people) while the salted cod is also found in pieces from half kg. As soon as I have guests (or when I buy the stockfish to photograph the bacalà alla vicentina) I will integrate the recipe photo with the original recipe as well.

Having said this, it must be said that not even the cicchetti based on creamed cod served in most of the most touristic bacari and taverns in Venice or Treviso are original (luckily some bars / restaurants that serve a good creamed cod are still there). These preparations are often & # 8220elongated & # 8221 with cream, or added with flour or, worse still, obtained by blending the meat of the fish (sacrilege). So be calm unless you have to prepare this dish for a Venetian, with the quick variant that I propose you will make an equally good impression! Good vision!


Start by soaking the salted cod. The minimum wage is 24-36 hours, but it is much better to reach 48 hours by changing the water at least 4 or 5 times. NB: do not try to shorten the time. I tried reducing them once but the result ended up in the trash. Remove the bones from the ventral part of the fillet. I use fish lever tweezers. Cut the fillet into coarse pieces. Transfer the fish to a pan and cover half with milk and half with water. Bring to a boil and cook for about 20 minutes. NB: add a few drops of oil to limit the froth in the pan. Drain the cod and transfer it to a mixer. Beat at medium speed with a leaf whisk and add the seed oil slowly until the preparation absorbs it. The preparation is ready when the fish has taken on a creamy appearance (in my mixer it takes an average of 10-15 minutes). At this point you can insert a few cloves of garlic cut in half into the cream (to be removed immediately before serving). NB: in the preparation you can see the fibers of the fish still intact. Serve the creamed cod accompanied by slices of polenta or croutons and a glass of very cold prosecco.

Venetian-style creamed cod

  1. Put the cod, covered with water, in a saucepan.
  2. Put on the fire, let it boil, skim, then turn off and let it rest for about 20 minutes with the container covered.
  3. Check that it is tender and, if not, boil it for another 10 minutes, then perfectly peel the skin and bones from the fish.
  4. Put it in a heavy saucepan and work it vigorously with a wooden spoon, slowly adding the hot milk and oil slowly, slowly.
  5. Work for a long time until the cod is completely weakened, becoming white and frothy like a cream.
  6. This work can be done with a jar or hand blender.
  7. Taste, season with salt and pepper, completing everything with the leaves of a bunch of parsley, finely chopped together with a clove of garlic.
  8. It is served cold, accompanied with croutons of white polenta or galla, roasted on the grill.
  9. Enjoy your meal!

Creamed Cod (4)

  1. Immerse the cod with the skin in a saucepan of cold water and bring to a boil.
  2. Count 10 minutes from when the water starts to boil, then remove the fish and let it drain.
  3. Remove the skin and bones and repeatedly mash the cod pulp with a fork in order to reduce it to crumbs, peel the garlic and mash it together with the fish to obtain a purée.
  4. Heat a third of the oil in a saucepan and add the fish and garlic.
  5. Lower the heat to low and gradually add the remaining oil, stirring and crushing continuously with a wooden spoon.
  6. Then add the milk (not necessarily all) drop by drop until the preparation is homogeneous.
  7. Taste it and, if necessary, add salt, then add a grind of pepper.
  8. Serve the cream cold, or at room temperature, with toasted bread croutons and possibly rubbed with garlic.
  9. Enjoy your meal!

Recipes on Baccalà alla vicentina

Traditional Vicenza-style cod

The baccal & agrave alla vicentina of tradition It is a family recipe that is handed down from generation to generation. This is a very tasty variant that was left to us on the forum by one of our users whom we thank. Many contend for the recipe of baccal & agrave alla vicentina, also because it is very ancient and it is precisely for this reason that you often find small peculiarities deriving from the uses and habits of your own family. Try this recipe for s & eacute it is simple in execution, but if you have problems we invite you to leave the questions in the comments box below. To make a nice sea-based lunch, you could combine the tubes with mussels.

  • Doses for 4 people
  • Difficulty low
  • Preparation 20 min
  • Cooking 240 min
  • Cost medium
  • Food availability easy
  • Salted cod 500 gr
  • Butter 100 gr
  • Waterfall 1 glass
  • Onions 2
  • Extra virgin olive oil (EVO) 4 tablespoons
  • Salted anchovies 2
  • Whole milk & frac12 l
  • flour q.s.
  • Parsley 1 bunch
  • salt q.s.
  • black pepper q.s. Equipment
  • Casserole / Knives / Lid

To make the traditional baccal & agrave alla vicentina, first you need to soak the baccal & agrave, which we have removed the skin, in cold water, changing it every 5-6 hours, for 2-3 days. This operation is not necessary if we buy it already soaked, however let's taste it to feel the degree of flavor. Remove any bones and cut it along the seat of the bone. Then cut it into square pieces, possibly equal. Finely slice the onions. Brown them in a non-stick pan with a little d & rsquoolio d & rsquooliva, the butter, and a glass of water. Add the desalted anchovies, boned and cut into small pieces and undo them. Flour the various pieces of cod & agrave, and put them to cook in the pan with the sauté. Cook the pieces of cod & agrave on all sides. Then add the milk and season with salt and pepper. Cover and cook over very low heat for about 3 & ndash 4 hours, moving the container from time to time in a rotating direction, without ever stirring. Almost at the end of cooking, add the chopped parsley, cook and serve hot together with a good polenta.

How long can I keep this dish after preparing it?

You can keep it for a day in the refrigerator.

How big do the pieces have to be?

I would say 5/6 centimeters per side.

I really like cod & agrave alla vicentina but what fish is it?

This is Norwegian cod that is salted and dried.

Traditional Vicenza-style cod

The baccal & agrave alla vicentina traditional is a must of the Vicenza culinary tradition. The original recipe of this dish is handed down and strenuously defended by the Confraternita del Baccal & agrave alla Vicentina. Because it is in fact a dish of very ancient origin, the truly original recipe is to be sought in historical texts. It is also a very familiar dish and it is for this reason that small or significant variations are often found. Try this recipe and you can really taste what the people of Vicenza consider their workhorse. The recipe is easy, do not be scared by the length, it is a dish that must cook slowly but which practically cooks itself. If you love baccal & agrave like us, we invite you to try the baccal & agrave alla messinese too: delicious too!

  • Doses for 4 people
  • Difficulty average
  • Preparation 20 min
  • Cooking 240 min
  • Cost medium
  • Food availability average
  • Stockfish already soaked - 800 gr
  • Whole milk 1 l
  • flour 3 tablespoons
  • Grana Padano 3 tablespoons
  • Parsley 1 tuft
  • Onions 1
  • Clove of garlic 1
  • White wine 1 glass
  • Extra virgin olive oil (EVO) q.s. Equipment
  • Casserole / Flame diffuser

To make the traditional Vicenza-style cod, finely chop the onion and half a clove of garlic, place it in a saucepan with plenty of oil and cook it over a very gentle heat, so that it does not take color.

Carefully clean the thorns from the cod, chop the parsley with the remaining half clove of garlic and the parmesan.

When the onion is ready, add the cod and let it flavor well then add the white wine, raise the heat and let it all evaporate.

Mix the parsley with the parmesan and flour and sprinkle evenly over the cod covered with milk.

Put the flame spreader under the pan and cook semi-covered. Cook over low heat should just simmer for 3 -4 hours. From time to time stir the cod without ever mixing it.

When it is cooked, good raw oil is added. It should be served with freshly poured yellow polenta.

With what type of onion should this Vicenza-style cod & agrave recipe be made?

The white one is preferred, which is generally more delicate.

Could I freeze a leftover portion?

S & igrave, lose some quality but you can freeze safely.

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